Wall paints is the old school technique for the walls and wallcoverings have taken over and established a new concept and trend for our walls. Now is the time where we like to have what we see? Than why not cover your walls with what we like. Wallcoverings is the best solutions. Wallcoverings give you designs, color, texture, style and life to your walls. Let me clear your mind with few advantages of wallpaper over wall paints.


  • Lasts 15+ years
  • Perfect for high traffic areas in home
  • Many wallpapers are "washable.
  • Extensive selection of designs, finishes, and styles
  • Metallic, foil, glitter, and pearl effect patterns
  • Textured patterns made with raised inks, flocking, gels, beads, silk, glasscloth, & more
  • Nearly limitless designs including geometric, faux brick and wood, floral, damask, & more
  • Easy to change design if using peel and stick wallpaper or removable wallpaper


  • Limited selection of finishes
  • Difficult and time consuming or expensive to create intricate designs or patterns with paint
  • No textured options
  • Paint might need to be touched up, especially in high traffic areas
  • Touch up paint might not match original color

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